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Lido Proposes Lido Alliance for Ethereum Ecosystem

Lido has introduced a proposal for the Lido Alliance, an ecosystem centered around Ethereum and stETH. This initiative aims to strengthen the alignment and collaboration within the Ethereum community.

Bitcoin ETF Inflows Reach $116.8 Million

Bitcoin ETFs recorded net inflows of $116.8 million last week, reversing the previous week’s outflows of $400 million. FBTC led with $111.3 million in inflows, while GBTC faced outflows totaling $171.1 million. This shift indicates a potential trend change in Bitcoin ETF movements.

Financial Firms Collaborate on Tokenized Asset Settlements

Leading financial institutions, including Mastercard, Visa, and JPMorgan, are collaborating on the Regulated Settlement Network to enhance tokenized asset settlements. This initiative aims to improve cross-border transaction efficiency and security using shared-ledger technology.

Arbitrum Unlocks 3.49% of Circulating Supply

Arbitrum is set to unlock 3.49% of its circulating supply on May 16, equivalent to $92.42 million. This unlock includes $55.99 million for team and advisors, and $36.43 million for investors.

Other Key Developments

  • ARK 21SHARES: Plans to remove staking from their Spot Ethereum ETF application.
  • 1inch: Introduces Fusion 2.0, enhancing order settlements by 35% and execution speeds by 75%.
  • MakerDAO: Updates details on SubDAO initiatives.
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