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The best stocks tracker on the market


Take control over your stock portfolio

Delta is the ultimate stocks & equity tracker app. Keep track of all stocks spanning global markets such as Nasdaq, NYSE, Eurnext, HKEX and more. Use the free app to get the latest stocks prices and market charts in your local currency and get alerts to make sure you don't miss out on your next stock investment.

Stock tracker with support for the most popular global exchanges

Your stocks portfolio manager

A stock tracker with a clear overview of your total portfolio balance, total profit/loss since you started investing or since the last 24 hours. See the trend of your equity investments with your personal portfolio graph, split up in different time ranges.

Connect your broker account

Simply connect your portfolio with your favourite broker. Transactions will automatically be tracked as well as the broker fees. Fast, easy, simple.

Personalise your notifications

Set up your notification for your favorite stocks and don’t miss any company communication with Delta Direct (coming soon). Delta comes with pre-personalised notifications based on your app behavior.

Stock market overview & following

Set your Delta stocks tracker to see the current price, team info, communications, latest trend chart, your holdings and your profit/loss for each asset you have in your stocks portfolio. Or just add coins to your following list if you just want to keep track of certain stocks.

Huge library of stocks

Delta supports the biggest global exchanges and we’re looking to add new ones continuously. Our data is provided by Bloomberg and we have direct agreements with the top exchanges such Nasdaq, NYSE, Euronext…


Detailed stock trading analysis

Get analysis on your trade history and equity. Delta stocks tracker gives a detailed overview of your stocks split per industry, your portfolio performance versus the market and lots of the detailed portfolio analytics.

Multiple stocks portfolios

Create unlimited different stocks portfolios, allowing you to track portfolios from different owners or with different strategies.

Sync across multiple devices

Sync data with new device: free users can keep two devices in sync, PRO users up to five! Also Recovery code support, so you can always retrieve your last portfolio state.

Continuous development

Delta is constantly being improved and we have lots of extra features and improvements planned for the coming months.