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The best index tracker on the market

Looking into indices and tracking their performance has never been easier. Connect your broker account and track your fees and expenses. Diversify like never before! Use the free app and get alerts to ensure you stay up to date with the market.

Delta app opened up on the Indices tracker page. Assets like HSI, N100, DJT and GDAXI are being added.

Your trusted sidekick when choosing an index

Whether you trade the Dow Jones or Emerging Markets, Delta’s got what you need.

Your index portfolio manager

An index tracker with a clear overview of your total portfolio balance and profit/loss, so you always know how you’re doing vs. the market. Benchmark, diversify, track performance, and connect your broker account to track your fees and expenses.

Connect your broker account

Simply connect your portfolio with your favorite brokers. Transactions, as well as broker fees, will automatically be tracked — fast, easy, and straightforward.

Personalize your notifications

Stay up to date with rebalances and world events impacting your indices with notifications. Delta also comes with pre-personalized notifications based on your app behavior.

All the right tools, right at your fingertips

Gain an edge with our powerful tools. From in-depth metrics to advanced portfolio management features, our tools are designed to empower you to make informed investment decisions.

Auto-Sync your Portfolio

Easily connect your broker account(s) to automatically track your indices in one place.

Handy Widgets

Always up to date with world indices at a glance, with customizable widgets for your iOS device.

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Stay in the know. You’ll always be on top of the market with our personalized notifications.


Portfolio P/E

Check the P/E ratio of your indices, and benchmark it against SPY or other assets to assess the valuations of the basket.

Manual Transactions

Broker not supported? Just add your transactions manually, and get a great overview of your overall portfolio performance.


Risk Analysis

You like your indices not too risky? Measure your portfolio risk factor by looking at the weighted beta, and compare it to SPY or other benchmarks.


Add interesting indices to your watchlist to always be ready for the next investment opportunity. You’ll receive updates on their performance so you know exactly when it’s time to jump in!

Explore the Markets

Diversify by staying on top of the latest market trends in different geographical areas.

Auto Refreshing Prices

No need to pull down to refresh prices, the app will always show you live prices, even after hours!

Custom Price Alerts

Set up custom price alerts to track specific indices or price thresholds.

Auto-Sync your Broker & Bank Accounts

Easily connect your broker account(s) to automatically track your indices in one place.