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Keeping track has never been easier

Delta is the number one companion to your investment journey. Check out everything you can do with our all-in-one portfolio tracker!

Auto-Sync your Portfolio

Easily connect your investment accounts, including brokers, banks, exchanges, and wallets, to keep track of your investments in one place. It’s automatic.

Portfolio Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of all your investments grouped by asset class, and see gains and losses, get advanced metrics, and more.


Extended Hours

Get access to pre- and post-market sessions for your holdings, and stay up to date at all times. You’ll always see the most accurate portfolio value possible.


Insider Moves

Gain exclusive access to the Insider Transactions feature, a powerful tool that provides insights into transactions filed by major shareholders of companies.

Delta Account

Log in with eToro to create a free Delta account, and always have your portfolio available anywhere, even on new devices.


Why is it Moving?

Never wonder why an asset has been moving today (and historically) again, thanks to our concise explanations.

Explore the Markets

Stay on top of the latest market trends and asset performance with real-time data and analysis.

Asset Location

Broker, exchange, hot or cold wallet, find out where your assets are held with this nifty feature!

Portfolio Performance

Check if what you’re doing is working, by benchmarking your portfolio performance against indices, your other portfolios, or specific assets on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Risk Analysis

Measure your portfolio risk factor by looking at the weighted beta, and compare it to SPY or other benchmarks.


Portfolio P/E

Check your portfolio P/E ratio to gain a better insight into the valuations of your holdings, and benchmark it against SPY or other equities.

Portfolio Diversity

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Identify concentrated positions and achieve optimal balance by analyzing your portfolio diversity, revealing sector allocation, market cap, geographic exposure, and more.

Trade Statistics

Find out what your top traded assets are, and see how many trades you made per month, quarter, or year.


Broker fees, exchange fees, gas fees, we track them all. Find out how much you paid in fees during a certain period, and on which platform or chain.

Asset Worth

View the market value of any 4 assets in your portfolio over time.


Good & Bad Decisions

Have your trades analyzed, and face the (harsh?) truth. Find out your trading strong suits and weak spots to become a better trader with our insights!

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Survive earnings season with real-time price alerts and personalized notifications based on your holdings.

Manual Transactions

Add manual transactions to your portfolio to accurately reflect your overall performance.

Weekly Analyst Update

Stay informed with weekly market analysis and insights straight from the analysts.


Keep track of your favorite assets and receive updates on their performance. Easily monitor assets of interest, even if you don't own them (yet).

Asset Detail Screen

Delta has everything you need to know about any asset available at a glance. Check price ranges, charts, and much more!

Advanced Metrics

Get a deeper insight into your cost basis and gains/losses for all your assets. You can even export this data to keep track of it as you see fit.

Handy Widgets

Your holdings at a glance, with customizable widgets for your iOS device.

Portfolio History

Let’s talk big picture. Visualize your portfolio worth and net invested amount over time. Gain insights into your performance with the simple return rate and track the net cash flow from the beginning of your investment journey.

Auto-Sync your Broker & Bank Accounts

Easily connect your broker and bank accounts, to keep track of your investments in one place. It’s automatic.

Monochrome Mode

Switch to a simplified monochrome display mode for better visibility and reduced eye strain. Yes, we know you're checking on your portfolio in bed.

Dark & Light Mode

Never wake up your partner when checking the charts ever again. Choose between a dark or light theme as you see fit.

Think we’re missing a feature?

Help us help you become a better investor. Missing that one cool feature? Let us know! We’re continuously updating the app, and we love to add new features based on your feedback! 

Track your capital, whatever it is

Stop juggling different investment apps. It’s time to get a clear overview of your entire portfolio with our multi-asset investment tracking app.