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Kabul ediyorum

Join us at Delta

şunun parçası:

Delta is the number one multi-asset investment tracking app. We’re looking for talented people to join our team.

What we do

Delta took the cryptocurrency world by storm when it first launched as a simple and easy-to-use portfolio tracker in October 2017, reaching half a million users in a matter of months.

Since then, we have evolved into a fully-featured fintech platform for investors all over the world.

Delta has been widely loved by its users since day one, reflected in our average review score of 4.7.

We also won the Webby 2018 Judges Award for Best Mobile User Interface. Pretty dope indeed!

Some facts

Delta is part of a big company, eToro. This means you'll be working in a young start-up, surrounded by lots of experience and the empowering structure of a bigger entity. Win-win!


Countries that Delta is being used in today


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Average review score on mobile

Meet the team

We’re a small, lean and open-minded team. We value transparancy, respect and openness. Our company goal is to bring value to the lives of everyone in the team, enabling everyone to bring value back to Delta.

Where will I work?

You'll be working in our office in Ghent, Belgium. We're located right in the city center in a gorgeous historic building, which is pretty cool. Psst... no worries if you can't speak Dutch, we're used to communicating in English.

Perks and benefits

Apart from the exquisite office, right in the city centre of Ghent, we’ll always make sure everybody in the team is taken care of.

💻 Laptop & phone

A fancy new Macbook (Pro) and iPhone or Android phone to suit all your digital needs.

📱 Fully paid phone subscription

Please don’t teleshop.

💪 Healthcare benefits plan (DKV)

We offer health insurance for all of our employees.

🍲 Meal vouchers

Foodies assemble. Fiscally optimised.

👕 Some slick Delta swag

You’ll look even cooler than you already do.

🥤 Refreshments

Soft-drinks, coffee, water, all to your hearts content!

🏝 Social evenings and events

Join our monthly happy hour and our yearly team event. Did somebody say.. Berlin?