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Brand Resources

Welcome to the Delta brand resources site where you will find guidelines and brand assets

Delta Media Kit

To help tell the story of Delta we’ve compiled a selection of brand assets and information, all in one handy download. You’ll find logos, icons, app screenshots and a complete brand guide.

Delta Media Kit

28 MB

Delta Glyph

The glyph is based on ‘Δ’ (delta) the fourth uppercase letter of the Greek alphabet. The triangle has been thickened slightly compared to the Delta logo, to enhance legibility at small sizes.

Delta Glyph.zip

App Icon

The triangle glyph has been carefully aligned within the icon bounds to be optically centered on the vertical axis (without this vertical offset the triangle will appear to be closer to the bottom of the container when centered absolutely).

Delta App Icon.zip


The typeface we use at Delta is Public Sans, a strong & neutral typeface particularly suited to crafting interfaces, text, and headings. Public Sans is an open-source project. More info at


Download Public Sans


Press Images


To demonstrate our app interface we’ve compiled a selection of high resolution images of core views including markets, following, portfolio, asset detail and more.

Download App Screenshots

16 MB





Asset Detail - Crypto

Advanced Metrics

Manual Transaction

Portfolio Insights

History Graph

Exchange Connect

Add Transaction

NFT Wallet Connect

NFT Portfolio

NFT Asset Detail

NFT Collection

Delta Team

Here you can find some pictures of our CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde and some pictures of the Delta team.

CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde

CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde

CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde

CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde