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Data API Plans

Get data from your leading crypto market tracker. Our API includes live and historical data from:

98%Of Exchanges Based On Volume
99%Coin Coverage
500+News & Direct Providers
10+ YearsHistorical Data

Trusted by partners, including Exodus:

Exodus leverages Delta to deliver the best crypto wallet experience on the market. Delta has worked closely with us to enhance their API and support Exodus' growth.

Contact us for a custom solution to your data requirements.

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Orderbook snapshotMultiple Exchanges
Calls / monthCustom
Market data endpointsCustom
Daily & hourly historical dataFull
Minute historical dataYear+
SupportAccount Manager
And more optionsSLA, Indexing Services, Integration Assistance, Private Servers

Crypto tracker with support for over 300 exchanges, including:

About Delta Data

Live Prices

Get the live prices from more than 5000 coins, and get extra info about volume per exchange on the requested pairs.

Historical Data

Historical data from any coin and exchange per minute, hour and day.

News & Directs

Get access to Token Team Directs from 500+ token teams as well as articles from major crypto news providers that Delta has selected.

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