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Delta Investment Tracker

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One app to track all your investments. Fully free.

The easiest and most beautiful investment app.

Make solid investment decisions based on data. Our revolutionary investment tracker app provides an effective way for you to get a clear overview of your investments, especially if you invest over several asset types.
115Countries that Delta is being used in today
2.5M+Delta app downloads wordwide
1513Days since Delta officially lifted off
4.7Average review score on mobile

Complete investment portfolio tracker

Whether you are interested in finding the ideal stock price tracker, crypto tracker, index tracker, (mutual) funds tracker, etc. Delta will combine these functionalities in one stunning app.

Linking Investors

With Delta Direct, we’re setting up a direct line between companies and their (potential) investors. Get investor relation updates on the fly, via Delta. Seamless.

Continuous Development

Delta is known for its fast and continuous updates, adding new features based on the users’ top requests.

Always and everywhere

Delta supports over 300 crypto exchanges and stock exchanges from all over the world. On top of that, Delta supports top indices and commodities.

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